The end of a bad rep – cabbage is cool again

Red cabbage, green cabbage, Savoy, sprouts – there are so many options. It’s been a long time coming but this vegetable is finally leaving its outdated reputation behind to prove to everyone: cabbage is cool! 

When it comes to veg, many diners still consider cabbage an old-fashioned option. But with so many varieties available, there’s always a side dish to complement your meal. Cabbage has even started to star in salads too. Read on to find out more.  




Small and special, sprouts have the highest levels of vitamin C among all their cabbage counterparts. Dating as far back as the 16th century, these small green vegetables originated in Belgium. Consequently, they’re often known as “Brussel sprouts”.

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Step forward the all-rounder of the cabbage family! Whether cooked, fried, baked or covered in cheese, cauliflower always tastes great. Its fine cell structure is easily digestible making it an ideal choice for babies too.

Pointed cabbage


Unlike most round cabbages, and as the name suggests, this one has a tapered shape. It can be stuffed or used to make soup. The raw leaves are often made into slaw. 

Savoy cabbage


Savoy cabbage is a favourite among star chefs and rightly so. As well as having a particularly mellow taste, it’s packed with vitamins, iron, protein and magnesium

Chinese cabbage


This Asian cabbage has become a firm favourite in recent years. The flavour is less intense than white cabbage making it more palatable. Cabbage rolls stuffed with rice are one of our favourite recipes. 

White cabbage


White cabbage enjoys enormous popularity across Europe, particularly in Germany. It can be stored for up to three months and is a key ingredient in the nation’s famous “sauerkraut” dish. 

Green cabbage


In the USA, health nuts often add green cabbage to smoothies or use it in place of potatoes to make crisps. Germany takes a more traditional approach serving it with smoked sausage, gammon and potatoes.

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Red cabbage


Whether made with onions, apple or chestnuts, red cabbage is traditionally eaten with rich meats like duck, goose or venison. Vegetarians add it to crunchy salads or bakes. It’s so versatile! 

There really is a cabbage for every palette. Time to forgive and forget and give this traditional vegetable a second chance. It’s well worth it!