Urban Gardening 101

Urban gardening is in! Our current specials are also inspired by urban horticultural projects that are sprouting up all across Germany. It’s high time for an urban gardening 101!


What is urban gardening?


All across Germany, there are a number of open spaces which are being transformed by (hobby) gardeners. The idea is to make urban spaces greener and create spaces where everyone can grow their own plants and promote sustainable and ecological living. The movement originally started in New York, where community gardens were established as early as the 1970s. Want to know where in Germany to find the most beautiful urban gardening projects? We’ve listed some of the highlights here for you. Here we’ll share the most important things about urban gardening, so you can get started with our own garden ASAP. Here we go!

Urban Gardening can happen anywhere!


Urban gardening normally takes place in areas where space to grow fruit and vegetables is limited and many gardeners share these spaces. You don’t have to share your balconies and garden, but often it might seem that the space you have is insufficient. What if we told you that the opposite is true? With the help of flower pots, lattices, raised and vertical beds you can create an Urban Garden even in the smallest of spaces. A raised bed is ideal for planting vegetables to save space. Herbs grow really well in vertical beds. Plants, on the other hand, like flower pots better. A big advantage of urban gardening is that you can rearrange your pots, balcony boxes and raised beds at any time - so it never gets boring on your balcony or in your garden!

Which plants work well for urban gardening?


Are your raised beds and flower pots ready? Now it’s time to choose some suitable plants. Those who want to grow vegetables can resort to salad leaves, rocket and herbs. More advanced gardeners can try their hands at growing tomatoes, asparagus or potatoes.


For berry fans, growing strawberries is perfect for a Strawberry Mojito. Need a head-start? Here, we show you how you can grow new vegetables out of stems and roots.

Our pro tips for urban gardening


There is a lot to keep in mind to make your planted treasures flourish, the potting soil, for example, should be loose and not clump together when it’s wet. The pH of your potting soil should match the needs of your plants, fruits such as blueberries or rhubarb prefer acidic soil. For tomatoes and other vegetables, there is even special soil which you can pick up at most garden centres. Of course, you also need to make sure that you water your plants regularly and make sure that each plant gets the optimal amount of water.


There’s no doubt about it, fertilizer is a great way to help your plants grow. Are you looking to do some ecological urban gardening? You can buy an organic fertilizer or make use of old home remedies such as using coffee grounds and chamomile tea. When planting the seeds pay attention to how much light your salad, herbs etc. need, and choose a suitable place for them to germinate.

You’ll have the best ingredients thanks to urban gardening


The best thing about Urban Gardening? That moment when you finally have your own harvest. Salads, vegetable dishes and smoothies all taste better when you use fresh ingredients from your balcony or garden, we promise! Our current specials all showcase seasonal ingredients and will be available until 15 November, come in and get inspired for your own urban garden. 

What are you going to grow first?


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