Vapiano Cairo: Interview with Communications Manager Gehad

Are you craving a holiday somewhere warm this Autumn? How about a trip to Egypt? Better still,  why not combine your trip to the land of the Pyramids with a visit to Vapiano Cairo?

Egypt is a really popular travel destination, especially in Autumn. It’s no wonder, especially when you consider that the capital boasts temperatures of a very comfortable 26 degrees and sunshine for up to nine hours a day! Gehad El Kazzaz works here, as our Brand Communications Manager at Vapiano Cairo. In this interview, she tells us about her everyday life.

Hello, Gehad! Thanks for taking some time out to chat with us. How long have you been working for Vapiano?

Since 2015. We opened our first Vapiano in Cairo in July of that year, so I’ve been there from the very beginning! I still remember the construction well, picking out the signage and looking for our olive tree. Vapiano Cairo was our baby!

You work as Brands Communication Manager at Vapiano Cairo - what does this job involve?

On the one hand, I make sure that we offer the best possible brand experience, which includes everything from taking care of the décor in the restaurant itself, the dishes, and, of course, the appearance of our Vapianisti. I’m also responsible for all of our marketing and communication activities, such as social media, PR and advertising.

Vapiano Cairo is located just outside the city center. What’s this area of the city like?

Our restaurant is located in the "Cairo Festival City" shopping centre in New Cairo. It’s one of many new neighborhoods that have been built around Cairo to alleviate congestion in the city centre. It’s very modern and fast growing in terms of construction with lots of private compounds. It’s also the new destination for big business headquarters, schools, universities etc.. Governmental institutions have even been relocated to new Cairo in the past few years.

Does Vapiano Cairo attract mainly tourists or locals?

It’s mixed. During the week we host tourists, commuters, students and employees from the large surrounding companies. And on weekends we have many families and regulars visiting us. We also have many mall visitors coming in for a refreshment during their shopping trips.

What makes Vapiano Cairo so successful?

I think it’s mainly because of the concept itself. Our visitors love the Vapiano experience because it's different. The live cooking, the interaction they have with the Vapianisti and the freshness of the food – all make the guests feel at home. Pasta is very popular in Egypt, but the fresh pasta from our manifattura is very special.

Are there any typical Egyptian dishes on the menu at Vapiano Cairo?

We mostly serve the same classics that can be found on the German menu and the same specials. Some dishes, however, are adapted according to Egyptian tastes, for example, we replace white wine with grape juice and replace the pork with beef.

Are there any bestsellers that your guests particularly like to order?

There’s a very clear favourite amongst our guests - the Pasta Chicken Alfredo. The delicious chicken in a creamy sauce is simply unbeatable. Our guests also love our Pizza Margherita, because the pizza is the perfect size for leaving some room for dessert.

And what's your favorite dish, Gehad?

Filetto Di Manzo e rucola is my all-time favourite. It's light, full of lots of fresh vegetables and perfect for any time of day.


For those already planning their holiday to Egypt, Gehad has a few tips for you:

5 tips for your trip to Cairo


1. The must-sees in Cairo are the Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum and Chan el-Chalili - a colourful bazaar in Cairo's old town.

2. For romantics, I recommend a Nile ride at sunset - it's really beautiful.

3. If you want to enjoy traditional Egyptian food, go to the restaurants that are also visited by the locals. If you’re hungry for pasta and pizza, you can also come by any time to Vapiano Cairo.



4. Uber is the best way to get from A to B in Cairo! Living in Cairo, with 22 million people, can be pretty crazy, so it's worth knowing the fastest means of transport.

5. Try to avoid the rush hour between 5pm and 7pm, if possible. If you get stuck in traffic at this time, it will be a long evening...

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