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The barbecue season is in full swing and there’s a big choice of vegan barbecue foods out there – but what about the dips? We explain here how to make a tasty vegan dip: what basic ingredients are good, what herbs are right, and how you get that lovely creamy texture.

All about tomatoes

The fruity taste of tomatoes isn’t only a zingy treat in ketchup. A home-made vegan dip with these red vitamin bombs (fresh or sun-dried) even tastes far better. Whether you sauté and blend them with sunflower seeds, garlic and agave syrup, make a fiery salsa with jalapenos, or mix up your own ketchup with tomato puree, balsamico, salt and agave syrup: these dips go perfectly with bread and tofu.

Avocado the all-rounder
There are endless ways to vary a vegan dip with avocado: whether you keep it simple with just a little olive oil and salt, or make it a bit more sophisticated by blending it with garlic or chick peas – this green pear always produces a wonderful creamy paste. Just the delicate green colour in itself makes us happy – and it’s only topped by the velvety taste. Add a dash of lemon juice so that the dip stays green and doesn’t go brown.

Black or white? Vegan dips with beans
The floury texture of beans is ideal for whipping up lovely creamy dips. Both white and black beans are suitable: soak them in water overnight so that they can be easily processed. Next day blend them together with any ingredients you fancy – and you’ve got piquant, hot or spicy dips with a fantastic texture.

Hummus in countless varieties
Hummus is a popular Oriental vegan dip that is often served as a starter. The nutritious chickpeas are blended with tahini (a sesame paste) and olive oil, and lightly seasoned with salt and lemon. After that, your imagination can run riot. You can constantly reinvent hummus by using many different spices. If you like colourful food, try out other ingredients as well such as beetroot (pink hummus!) or avocado (a pretty green). Blogger Leonie has a tasty recipe for you.

We love fruit
Chutneys are sweet and savoury all in one. On the basis of fruits such as berries, mango or
rhubarb and with the addition of hot and sour vegetables and spices, you can create fruitily piquant sauces that will add a special touch to your barbecues. Whether you prefer onions or garlic, if you want to add ginger or chilli, if you choose lemon or lime – it’s all a question of personal taste: do you want your vegan dip to have a hot or sour note alongside the sweetness of the fruit?

Savoury with onions
What would a barbecue be without the savoury flavour of onions? Chop the onions into small pieces and fry them. Then mix them with silken tofu or soy sauce to create a tasty vegan dip that you can season to taste with salt and pepper, vinegar or lemon juice and various herbs.

Which herbs go best with the basics?
A vegan dip will vary greatly depending on the spices used. Salt and pepper are nearly always a perfect addition. Garlic goes well with tomatoes, beans and avocado. Jalapenos and chilli go with tomatoes and chutneys. A dash of lemon or lime juice will add a touch of freshness to just about every dip. And as far as herbs are concerned – you can go wild: it’s entirely a question of taste whether you chop fresh parsley or use basil, add chives, thyme or rosemary. Hummus takes on a special quality if you add some fresh coriander or a touch of ground rose pepper, sprinkled on top just before serving.

How to get it really creamy
A vegan dip like a chutney or onion dip is particularly good when it’s a bit chunky. But if you want a really creamy texture for your other dips, you should invest in a powerful blender. You’ll get a reasonable result with a normal mixer or hand blender but a power blender will produce an ultra creamy, well-blended mix.

As you can see, even without any meat at all a barbecue can still be really tasty and varied – have fun experimenting!

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