Vegan, Veggie, Low Carb: Go vegitalian with our new Specials

Do you enjoy vegan or vegetarian food? Are you currently trying to eat less carbs and craving asparagus? Then you will love our new specials. Here, we unveil the new dishes for you:


From the 15th of April to the 14th June, it’s all about vegetarian and vegan dishes at Vapiano. Being more conscious about what we eat has long been more than just a trend. More and more of us are making the choice to stop or eat less animal products. Many of us are also trying to eat fewer carbohydrates. So, we’ve also added two low-carb dishes to our #vegitalian menu. What’s more, our Specials are also a celebration of the beginning of asparagus season! Here we introduce you to our nine new specials.


We love #vegitalian: Introducing our vegan main courses


For the vegans amongst you, one dish will surely stand out on our new Specials menu: The Insalata Vegitalia which is made of white asparagus, avocado, strawberries and cherry tomatoes on a bed of baby spinach and romaine lettuce, completed with a fruity strawberry dressing and basil. There's yet more asparagus in our pasta and risotto dishes too. The Pasta Vegitalia also showcases white asparagus in a sauce made of onions, baby spinach, fruity cherry tomatoes, cream and vegan basil pesto. The Risotto Vegitalia comes with roasted white and green asparagus which have been cooked in white wine, and finished off with onion, a cream sauce made with olive oil, cherry tomatoes and fresh chives.


Vegan pizza? But of course!


We even have something for the pizza and lasagne fans amongst you. The Pizza Vegitalia, lovingly made with vegan pesto sauce, baby spinach, bruschetta tomatoes and vegan cheese is definitely worth a try. And our gorgeous Lasagne Verdure is also vegan and is made with peppers, zucchini, carrots and aubergines with a vegan tomato and béchamel sauce. Our Vapianisti can also make this lasagne with mozzarella, all you have to do is ask!


Low Carb: kohlrabi or zucchini veggie noodles


Are you trying to eat as few carbohydrates as possible? Look no further than these two Specials – perfect for enjoying during your lunch break or evening off. In our Zoodles Salvia e pollo, fried chicken and sage leaves combine in a sauce made of sun-dried tomatoes, garlic and vegetable stock and completed with a generous helping of butter and feta. Craving pasta instead of zoodles? Just let our Vapianisti know when you order.

And because veggie noodles (link to article on vegetable noodles) are super delicious, we have a reinterpretation of the zucchini classic up our sleeves too. Introducing our Kohlrabi noodle – Coolbonara, a crisp salad with crunchy bacon, chopped eggs, fresh parsley and yoghurt dressing on a bed of rocket and rounded off with Grana Padano D.O.P., believe us when we say – it’s a real highlight!


For soup fans and those with a sweet tooth


Of course, our Specials menu wouldn’t be complete without soup and dolci. In keeping with our celebration of all things asparagus – we have a deliciously creamy asparagus soup made with a splash of white wine, potatoes, onions and cream. The sweet-toothed amongst you can also look forward to our Dolci Vegitalia – a homemade almond rice pudding with a luscious strawberry and rhubarb topping. And the best thing? This Dolci is totally vegan!


Which of our specials are you going to try out first?