Welcome to the wonderful world of food blogs!

Today’s selection of food blogs is huge, but there are some that are always worth a visit! Here, we’ll show you five of our favorites, but be warned, they’re sure to make you feel really hungry!


From delicious cakes to refreshing smoothies to vegan “scrambled eggs” – our top 5 food blogs are as colourful and varied as the bloggers behind them. Say hello to some of our favorites, you may know one or two of them already…



Denise from Foodlovin’ openly admits that her life revolves around food. Based in Düsseldorf, Denise not only runs her own food blog, but also works as a food stylist, recipe developer and communications consultant for food companies. One thing’s for sure, it only takes one look at this food blog to fall head over heels for her many delicious and gorgeous-looking recipes.

On Foodlovin’ you’ll find a number of fantastic recipes for starters, main courses, desserts, cakes, drinks and much, much more. Amongst them is the Mediterranean avocado bread that Denise introduced to us in our magazine! For all you amateur cooks and food bloggers out there, here’s a hot tip – Denise also offers food styling workshops where you can learn how to show off your delicious culinary creations in the best possible light – perfect for raising your Instagram game!

Justine kept calm and went vegan

Calling all lovers of vegan food – this one’s for you – you’re going to absolutely love Justine's food blog! Justine is based in Vienna and has been cooking vegan food since 2014, she uses her blog as a place to introduce curious readers to vegan cooking. With her wide repertoire of varied recipes, Justine proves that vegan food can be incredibly versatile and, more importantly, seriously yummy! Here you can find recipes for everyone, from cakes and treats to satisfy your sweet tooth, to tempting savoury main course recipes. There’s even a whole section dedicated to guilt-free snacks!

Don’t feel like cooking? Justine can help you out here too, with her many extensive restaurant reviews from Vienna, Berlin and a number of other cities! Justine doesn’t stop at vegan food, though, she also dedicates parts of her food blog to dealing with topics related to fair and sustainable fashion and the environment. So you’re sure to find something that interests you!

From Eva - CologneCakeCouture

Now we’re on to the cute stuff! This food blog promises to kidnap you and take you on the "Candy Catwalk." Cupcakes, cakes, cookies, pies… here you can find absolutely everything your heart and sweet tooth desire. Just one look at Eva's food blog is enough to captivate you, just feast your eyes on all of her lovingly decorated treats! Eva, with the help of fondants, frostings, sprinkles etc., creates small works of art which look too good to eat, as you can see in the case of her domino cake, which she conjured up for Christmas last year.

For those of you that are not quite ready to attempt some of Eva’s beautiful baked creations, check out her Instagram account, for inspiring table decoration and food styling ideas. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a cake to enjoy with a coffee, a showpiece for a wedding, or a few ideas for Christmas, Eva’s food blog is a great place to start.


Victoria's Little Secrets
Victoria's blog is not a classic food blog, but that being said, we still think it's well worth taking a look. For Victoria, it's all about the finer things: travelling, beauty and of course ... food! She specialises in baking and shares some irresistible recipes on her blog – from cheesecake to banana bread to homemade granola – you’re bound to find something that takes your fancy!

Does the name – Victoria's Little Secrets sound familiar? Well, you might have come across her recipes before in our Vapiano magazine. For example, you might have tried the small fruit pizzas that she recommended for summer picnics! She also has a stealworthy idea for special sparkling aperitifs for your next party, just check out her Bubbly Bars!

Finally, let us introduce you to the Tastesheriff food blog written by Clara. Interior designer Clara openly admits that she lives for two things: all things delicious and all things beautiful! It’s no surprise then, that Clara’s food blog is full of stunning looking sweets, savoury dishes, soups, canapés and much, much more.

For anyone wanting to try out one of Clara’s featured recipes for themselves, we highly recommend her One Pot Pasta, which was also featured in our magazine. And, by the way, Clara also has some fantastic DIY ideas for you to try.

So there you have it – our five favorite food blogs - we hope you're feeling inspired and will soon be cooking up a storm in your own kitchen and have a lot of fun in the process! We would also like to extend a big, heartfelt thank you to all of the lovely bloggers who serve as a constant inspiration to us by sharing their recipes in the Vapiano magazine again and again.

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