What a year! Looking back at 2017 with our Annual Review

We did a lot in 2017 – we celebrated, opened new restaurants and sometimes stopped to drink tea. Here’s our annual review – let’s see how much we can remember, together! 


Your recipes on our specials menu
In March this year, we asked you to send us your favourite recipes, and the response was amazing! We received around 1,200 incredibly tasty recipes from you, and that made it all the more difficult to choose the ones that would feature on our menu. Then, in October, our birthday month, our guest specials were revealed, and our menu was made up entirely of your recipes! By the way, the most popular dish was the pasta "Lena" with avocado pesto! All of our winners celebrated in true Vapiano style, at a pasta party with their friends. We’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all of the participants, once again!


Vapiano goes digital
Our app came out in the spring! Since the launch, it’s now possible to pay for your food on your mobile, order your meal on the app in the restaurant whilst sitting down or even ordering a delivery to your home. Of course, the app also gives an overview of all available dishes at any time, and all the points you receive on our PEOPLE program are recorded on there too.

But that's not all we did in terms of digitisation this year. We also installed new order terminals and tested them in some restaurants. With these, you can order your food on the touch screen and then once it’s ready you’ll get a message on your smartphone. Look out for even more of these new order terminals next year.


Pasta & Pizza to take away
This year, we expanded our takeaway and home delivery service big time. You can already order your favourite pasta, salads, pizza or dolci from your sofa, in 35 restaurants in 19 German cities! And we’re working tirelessly to expand our supply network, so if you stumble upon a Vapiano restaurant on your way home, just come in and take our delicious pizza or pasta home with you. By the way, this is also great for picnics, after all, we only have to wait another six months until it’s summer again! On the way to a party? Score top points by picking up our wines or antipasti!


Hot and cold: tea drinker beware

In the summer, we surprised you with a brand-new iced tea called Purple Tea Cranberry! This deep red newcomer is less sweet than other varieties of iced tea, but intensely fruity and tastes best served chilled. This is also true for our new Rosé, which comes from Asolo in the Veneto region. That’s right, our Prosecco also comes from there too! Not in the mood for that? No problem, our new tea varieties have been available since November, and you’re sure to find one you like! The Berlin tea manufacturer – 5 CUPS and some sugar has put together a grand total of eight different tea creations for us. Which tea tastes the best with pizza, they explain, here! You can also get all eight to take away, as they’re all available in 50 gram packs!


The world is not enough
In 2017, we opened a number of new restaurants, both at home in Germany and abroad and pride ourselves on having found the very best locations in some extraordinary locations. In Germany, we opened another four new restaurants and internationally, a staggering 22! This means that we can now be foundall around the world, in 33 countries across five continents. At the beginning of June, the inhabitants of Bogotá, Colombia's capital, were able to sample our pasta and pizza for the first time. In Prague, we opened two restaurants in two different places in July and October, and Serbia's capital – Belgrade also got a second Vapiano this autumn. In the south of France, we opened a Vapiano close to Marseille. And, shortly before the end of the year, we opened restaurants in Edinburgh, La Reunion, and our 200th – in Copenhagen! In other words, we just made your holiday planning very easy!


Meanwhile in Cologne...
For all of us here at the Vapiano headquarters, there are so many reasons to celebrate! Before kicking off our 15th birthday celebrations in October, we celebrated an exciting summer when Vapiano went public, meaning that all of those the hobby brokers amongst you can now buy shares! And since we were already in the party mood ... we also moved to a whole new location. Now we take care of all of the everything that makes our cooking stations run, the Manifattura and the 100-year-old olive trees in beautiful Cologne Rheinauhafen, so that wherever you go you can taste pasta and pizza that is every bit as delicious every single time.

We couldn’t have done any of this without you! Thank you for a truly wonderful year and happy New Year – we look forward to seeing you in 2018!

Vapiano Redaktion