Why Caprese is loved the world over

Tomato, mozzarella, basil – three harmonious ingredients that come together to form the legendary Caprese salad

Caprese is a slice of Italian life on your plate with the three colours representing Italy’s national flag. But not every Caprese is a good Caprese. As the dish consists of just three ingredients, it’s important to ensure that the tomatoes, the mozzarella and the basil are all of the highest quality. A salad made with watery tomatoes, cheap mozzarella and wilting basil simply can’t compare to one that uses premium ingredients.

Caprese – premium ingredients, premium  flavours
Especially aromatic small tomatoes, genuine buffalo mozzarella with its own unique taste, and luscious, fresh green basil all come together to transform this simple dish into an explosion of flavours. Guests ordering a Caprese salad at Vapiano can count on us to use the very best ingredients. Our Vapianisti also add rocket to give this light starter an extra special twist.   

Red-white-green – never quite the same
We’ve already talked about a Caprese salad as a starter. But the story doesn’t end there. All over the world, this fresh, fruity, aromatic fusion of flavours has found its way into a host of other foods, such as spreads, pasta salads, pizza toppings, sandwiches, ravioli fillings, and even as liquid Caprese in molecular cuisine!

Fun facts!

•    The word “basil” comes from the Greek “basilikohn” and means “royal”.
•    Cut off any small white flowers that start blossoming immediately, otherwise, the leaves lose their aroma.
•    Fresh basil has a slight hint of clove to it, whereas dried basil has notes of curry.
•    The essentials oils in basil are said to aid digestive problems.
•    The original Italian dish is made using buffalo mozzarella, which has a creamier, sweeter flavour.
•    Mozzarella is the world’s favourite cheese.
•    Mozzarella can help prevent tooth decay as it increases saliva production which neutralises sugar and maintains healthy acidity levels in the mouth.
•    Gourmet tip: eat mozzarella soon after you buy it. The longer it’s kept in a fridge, the more likely it is to lose its aroma and its soft, juicy consistency.  
•    Tomatoes should be part of any good beauty routine! The natural pigment lycopene helps protect against sun-induced skin aging.
•    The heaviest tomato ever harvested was 3.51 kilos.

Christian, Vapianisti