Christmas lunch at Vapiano with a Secret Santa game

Andrea from andysparkles met up with her besties at Vapiano for a pre-Christmas lunch. And played a special game of Secret Santa. Here’s how.

Our everyday lives are hectic. Many of us are constantly rushing from one appointment to the next, desperately trying to find some kind of work-life balance. That’s why it’s so important to take a time-out and see your pals. My group of girlfriends like to lunch together so we can have a good old catch-up. We all love pasta so this time we headed to Vapiano for our pre-Christmas lunch date. And to put us in the festive mood, we played our own version of Secret Santa.

Our favourite Vapiano dishes

One of our traditions is a Bruschetta starter that we can all share. And we usually all order pasta for our main course too. I’m the experimental one so I decided to try Ravioli con Ricotta e Rucola. Elisa likes Crema di Avocado with Campanelle, Denise’s favourite is Gamberetti with Penne, and Sibel went for a classic Caprese with Spaghetti. Our preferred drink at the moment is Peach Vanilla Ice Tea. And for dessert we ordered three desserts to share, Crema di Fragola, Panna Cotta and Lima Sigh of Maracuja.

How to play Secret Santa Swap

It was Denise’s idea to play Secret Santa Swap. Her family do it so she’s something of an expert. You’ll need a table, a dice and a stopwatch. Everyone brings along a gift that they’ve wrapped. The gifts are placed on the table at the start of the game. And then the players roll the dice. As soon as someone rolls a six, they choose one of the gifts. However, the game isn’t over when everyone has a gift. Set the stopwatch to two or three minutes and then continue to roll the dice to start swapping! Once time is up, you get to unwrap the gift you’re holding. Here’s what the numbers on the dice mean.

1 and 6: swap your gift with somebody else
2 and 3: everyone passes their gift to the person on the left
3 and 4: everyone passes their gift to the person on the right

Three tips for the perfect present

Take the hard work out of Secret Santa shopping by following this advice:
1: Choose a motto – it makes finding a gift so much easier. As an example: for “beauty” you could buy bath salts or a facemask.
2: Funny gifts are always popular – maybe a mug with a cheeky slogan?
3: Broaden the appeal – try and choose a gift everyone would like. If men are part of the party, chances are they don’t want a new lipstick.

We had a brilliant time at Vapiano as we hadn’t seen each other properly for ages. We must have spent a good two hours just enjoying the food, chatting and laughing over the Secret Santa game. It was a wonderful start to the weekend and we’re going to try and make it a regular feature in the future.
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