Your World Pasta Day guide to pasta

The 25 October is World Pasta Day and we’re marking the occasion with a special guide detailing some of the varieties available at your local Vapiano.



Name: Penne plays a central role in Italian pasta culture. The name is derived from the Latin word “penna”, meaning “feather” or “quill” – rather fitting considering this pasta’s shape.  

Varieties: The smooth Penne Lisce and ribbed Penna Rigate are the two main varieties. Other tube-shaped pastas include Maccheroni, Rigatoni and Tortiglioni.

Best with: Penne is perfect for sauce-rich dishes as they fill the pasta’s hollow interior. Penne is also a popular choice for making cold pasta salads. 

At Vapiano: Celebrate World Pasta Day at Vapiano with Penne Rigate all’ Arrabbiata. The ribbed pasta shapes can easily handle the spicy tomato and garlic sauce!





Name: In Italian dialect “rabioli” means “remains” or “leftovers”, and the clue is in the name when it comes to how these pasta parcels evolved. Ravioli shapes were simply filled with anything left over from other dishes. A brilliant idea with loads of room for experimentation!

Varieties: Ravioli can be square, moon-shaped or triangular. And they’re not always savoury either. Sweet Ravioli are often filled with ricotta, cinnamon and pine nuts. Other varieties of filled pasta include Tortellini and Cappelletti. 

Best with: Depending on the filling, Ravioli is usually served with a light sauce.  

At Vapiano: Choose between two delicious fillings – Bolognese or Ricotta-Rucola. We recommend a traditional tomato sugo with the Ravioli Con Carne and a sauce with cherry tomatoes, pine nuts and fresh rocket for Ravioli Ricotta-Rucola.



Name: The name comes from the Italian word “fuso” which roughly translated means “spiral”. 

Fusilli are sometimes known as Spirelli due to their twisted shape. 

Varieties: These spiral pasta shapes are hugely popular in Italian cuisine. In addition to Fusilli there are other “twisted” pasta shapes, such as Gemelli, Torchietti and Casarecce. 

Best with: Whether a simple sauce or as part of a more sophisticated dish, this pasta always tastes great. Along with Penne, Fusilli are a popular choice for pasta salads as the twisted shape holds sauces well. 

At Vapiano: Why not use World Pasta Day as an excuse to try something other than traditional Spaghetti with a Bolognese sauce? Fusilli with a beef Bolognese sauce and fresh carrots is a great alternative. Our homemade Pesto Basilico with fresh basil, pine nuts and Grana Padano D.O.P also tastes delicious with this spiral-shaped pasta.



Name: “Campanelle” means “little bell” in Italian and the pasta shape recalls a closed campanula flower. Campanelle pasta is sometimes known as Gigli, which means “lily” and also refers to the shape.

Varieties: This bell-shaped pasta is so unusual that it’s entirely unique! 

Best with: Campanelle is a wonderful all-rounder. Enjoy the shapes with a creamy cheese sauce and vegetables, or a lighter tomato sugo with meat or fish. 

At Vapiano: World Pasta Day is a big deal at Vapiano so we’re celebrating in style. And what could be more fitting that Campanelle?! The bell-shaped pasta pieces harmonise perfectly with our Gambaretti sauce – king prawns, tomatoes, spring onions and fresh cherry tomatoes in a fruity tomato sauce.



Name: These long, thin strands are Italy’s most celebrated pasta. The name is derived from the Italian word “spago”, which means “thread”.  

Varieties: When uncooked, Spaghetti is around 2 mm thick. Spaghettini is even thinner, while Spaghettoni are slightly thicker. Tagliatelle and other ribbon pasta belong to the same family but are all broader than Spaghetti. 

Best with: Bolognese is everyone’s favourite choice. But Spaghetti is super versatile so use this pasta variety with vegetable, fish or cheese sauces too. 

At Vapiano: Try a new pasta pairing on World Pasta Day by swapping Bolognese sauce for Aglio e Olio – olive oil, fresh garlic chilli and parsley. Simple but delicious!