Terms of participation VAPIANO PEOPLE

Country variant: Germany

1. Participation in the VAPIANO PEOPLE programme

(1) These participation conditions apply to the VAPIANO PEOPLE rewards programme of Vapiano International Marketing GmbH (referred to in the following as “VAPIANO PEOPLE”), Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 22, 53113 Bonn (people-support(at)vapiano.de ).

(2) Any natural person aged 16 or over may participate in the VAPIANO PEOPLE programme (in the following, female and male participants are uniformly referred to as “participants”). Employees of companies affiliated with VAPIANO PEOPLE in the meaning of section 15 of the German Stock Corporations Act, and employees of Vapiano franchisees, are excluded from participation in the VAPIANO PEOPLE programme.

(3) Registration for the VAPIANO PEOPLE programme is free of charge for participants. The registration takes place either via the VAPIANO app, which can be downloaded to smartphones from the conventional app stores, or using a registration form, which can be accessed on the VAPIANO PEOPLE website

(4) Participation begins upon conclusion of the registration process, by clicking on the confirmation link in the e-mail, which the participant receives after having entered his data in the registration form.

(5) After registration, each participant is assigned his own personal VAPIANO PEOPLE QR code ("Quick Response"), a two-dimensional code that represents the membership number of the corresponding participant in a binary quadratic matrix of black and white points (referred to in the following as the VAPIANO PEOPLE QR code). For example, a QR code appears as follows.

The VAPIANO PEOPLE QR code issued for participants is stored on their VAPIANO App as well as in their personal members' area on the VAPIANO PEOPLE Website and, where the participant still holds  a VAPIANO PEOPLE Card, on this VAPIANO PEOPLE Card.

2. Collection of points

(1) The subject matter of the VAPIANO PEOPLE programme is the collection of status points (section 6) and reward points (section 5) (referred to collectively in the following as “points”) in order to obtain special customer benefits during future restaurant visits, and to exchange for rewards.

(2) In order to collect points, the customers must present their QR code unprompted before paying in the participating VAPIANO restaurants.

(3) Only the registered participant may use their personal VAPIANO PEOPLE QR code, and this QR code is not transferable to third parties. When using the personal QR code, the employees of the VAPIANO restaurant staff are entitled to require participants to provide identification by presenting appropriate documents or cards (e.g. identification cards, driving licence or similar).

(4) The collection of points using VAPIANO PEOPLE cards will only be possible until the end of 31 Dec. 2019. Starting in 2020, the collection of points will only be possible digitally. The points accounts of cardholders will remain unaffected by this.

(5) If in individual cases it is not possible for points to be credited in a participating restaurant, the participant can request the subsequent recording of their points by contacting VAPIANO PEOPLE via email at people-support@vapiano.dewithin three months after the visit, presenting a copy of the receipt.

3. Changing registration data

The participant must inform VAPIANO PEOPLE immediately in text format of changes in the data specified upon registration. The changes can also be made in the VAPIANO app, or in the personal member’s area of the VAPIANO PEOPLE website.

4. Data protection - This is important to VAPIANO

For purposes of setting up and operating the VAPIANO PEOPLE programme, the participants' personal data recorded as part of the VAPIANO PEOPLE programme are electronically saved and used in compliance with the German Federal Data Protection Act. The data protection terms and conditions valid for this purpose can be viewed on the VAPIANO App and on the VAPIANO PEOPLE Website.

5. Reward points

(1) The participant can exchange the reward points collected for attractive rewards. The respective rewards available for the respectively required points levels, and the collection conditions, can be viewed on the website www.vapiano-people.com The availability of rewards can vary from time to time and from location to location.

(2) It may occur that specific rewards are not available at certain times; from this the participant cannot derive any rights, in particular compensation claims.

(3) Upon presentation of the QR code before the payment process, the participant receives one reward point credited to their point account for each main course they pay for. Main courses in this context include any meal in the categories Pasta, Pizza, Salad, Risotto, Lasagne or Antipasti, which – without extras - has a sales price of 5 euros or more.

(4) VAPIANO PEOPLE can run special promotions, in the course of which the participant can obtain further reward points. The conditions of such special promotions will be publicised separately in the individual case.

(5) The number of reward points collected can be viewed at any time using the VAPIANO App or in the personal members' area of the VAPIANO PEOPLE Website, or can be requested in any participating Vapiano restaurant.

(6) Reward points that have not been redeemed expire at the end of the quarter following the 36th month after the points were credited. The participant will be notified of the date and scope of the expiry of points by email or in the personal member’s area of the PEOPLE website www.vapiano-people.com in good time before the respective expiry date.

(7) There is no entitlement to payment of collected reward points in cash. The reward points are not transferable to other participants or third parties.

6. Status points

(1) For each visit to a participating Vapiano restaurant using the VAPIANO PEOPLE QR code in association with a purchase in a total value of at least € 5, the participant receives one status point, which is saved in the personal status point account of the participant.

(2) A certain number of status points grants the participant a special PEOPLE status, which grants special benefits on future visits.

(3) Participants whose status point account has 20 to 39 points have “Olive” status. Above 40 on the participant account, the customer is categorised as “Black” status.

(4) The current level of the status point account and the benefits and conditions associated with the respective status can be viewed in the VAPIANO app or in the personal members' area of the VAPIANO PEOPLE Website or can be requested in any participating Vapiano restaurant.

(5) The status point account of the participant will be reset for the first time 12 months after the start of participation (section 1 para. 4), except where otherwise specified in the following paragraphs.

(6) If the status point account reaches 40 points within 12 months after the start of participation, the status point account is reset immediately, i.e. on the day after the status is achieved. The status point account is reset the next time 12 months after obtaining “Black” status, and from then on every 12 months, unless these provisions require it to be reset earlier.

(7) Once reached, a status is maintained for 12 months, unless the participant reaches a higher status before the expiry of these 12 months. After the expiry of these 12 months, the participant is categorised according to their status point account, and this categorisation takes place before the reset on the same day.

(8) There is no entitlement to payment in cash.

7. Birthday present

(1) On their birthday, each participant receives an email sent to the email address specified at the time of registration. The email specifies the subject matter of the birthday present, and the conditions under which the participant can obtain the birthday present.

(2) There is no entitlement to a specific present or to payment in cash. A benefit granted once or even multiple times does not result in a claim to standard practice for the future.

8. Competitions

(1) Every now and then VAPIANO PEOPLE intends to operate competitions (e.g. in the form of prize draws) amongst the adult participants of the VAPIANO PEOPLE programme.

(2) The conditions of the competition will be published individually in each case with the corresponding announcement.

(3) There is no entitlement to the performance of competitions, to the allocation of prizes generally, or to specific prizes.

9. Termination of participation

(1) Participants can terminate their participation in the VAPIANO PEOPLE programme at any time with immediate effect, either by written communication to VAPIANO PEOPLE, or by email communication to people-support@vapiano.de

(2) VAPIANO PEOPLE is entitled to terminate participation with a notice period of six months.

(3) When a termination becomes effective, the points collected expire.

(4) Participation ends automatically if the personal VAPIANO PEOPLE QR code is not used over a period of more than three years.

10. Amendments/supplements/discontinuation

(1) VAPIANO PEOPLE reserves the right to discontinue, supplement or amend the VAPIANO PEOPLE programme, taking into account the participants' concerns and while complying with an appropriate notice period, or where good cause exists without observing such a notice period, and in particular to amend or supplement the present Terms and Conditions of Participation, where this is required in the interests of simple and secure handling or to prevent abuse.

(2) Amendments will be communicated to the participant in advance at the last email address provided. An amendment will be considered approved if the participant does not discontinue his or her participation under section 9 within one month after the sent date of the email, or if they use their personal VAPIANO PEOPLE QR code to obtain reward points or to register visits after the expiry of that notice period. Participants shall be notified of this again separately in the announcement of the

11. Applicable law

The contractual relationship between the Participant and Vapiano People shall be subject to German law.

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