Of course, we get questions from time to time.

Top 10 FAQ

  • 1. How can I register for the VAPIANO PEOPLE programme?

    There are two different ways that you can register for our VAPIANO PEOPLE:

    a. Website

    Via this you will reach our registration form. Simply register and then you can start immediately.

    b. App

    The VAPIANO PEOPLE app is available for all iOS, Android & Windows operating systems. Simply download the app (App Store, Play Store), register and off you go. 

  • 2. How can I register for the PEOPLE Newsletter?

    All PEOPLE members are automatically registered for the PEOPLE Newsletter after registration. All members who only register for the Newsletter, but who would not like to become a PEOPLE member, can register via this link for the PEOPLE Newsletter.

  • 3. How can I collect reward and status points?

    After every visit you can collect reward and status points at the checkout by scanning in your personal QR code. It does not matter whether you use this in the app or through the mobile website. Simply scan and collect points.

  • 4. What are reward points // status points?

    For every visit with a minimum spend of 5 euros you collect 1 status point. From 20 status points you reach the second level, and from 40 the third level. As a member on the second level you receive a free hot drink if you purchase a dish worth 5 euros or more, and as a member on the third level you can choose during every visit between a hot drink, a Dolci, Bruschetta or Insalata Mini.
    For each main dish consumed you will receive one reward point. During our campaigns you have the chance to collect further reward points.

    At any time you can convert the reward points into PEOPLE rewards (you can find a list of all available PEOPLE rewards on our website under PEOPLE Rewards). You can collect and convert your reward and status points at all participating VAPIANOs worldwide.

  • 5. In which countries can I collect and convert my reward and status points?

    Currently you can enjoy your PEOPLE benefits in the following VAPIANO countries:

    a. Germany

    b. Austria

    c. Sweden

    d. Netherlands

    We will inform you as soon as a new country takes part in the VAPIANO PEOPLE programme.  

  • 6. What are the advantages to me of the VAPIANO PEOPLE programme?

    By participating in the VAPIANO PEOPLE programme you will no longer miss anything from the VAPIANO World. In addition to the latest news, PEOPLE members receive fantastic status benefits and exclusive campaign benefits. For all Olive members there is a free hot drink of your choice during every visit. As a Black member you can select which status benefit you would like to have: Hot drink, Dolci, Insalata Mini or Bruschetta.

  • 7. Is there a PEOPLE reward for my birthday?

    On your birthday you will receive an email with a birthday surprise. You can redeem this within a period of two weeks from your birthday at all participating Vapianos - simply order as usual at the corresponding station, book it on your chip card and at the checkout it will be automatically discounted to 0.00 euros. 

  • 8. How long are my PEOPLE points valid and how long is my status retained?

    The collected reward points can be redeemed within 36 months at all participating VAPIANOs. If you do not do so, you will be informed once more in good time by Newsletter that your PEOPLE points are going to expire. You keep any status that you have achieved (Olive or Black) for a period of 12 months.

  • 9. What happens if I have forgotten to scan in my QR code?

    That is no problem: The management of each restaurant can register your point at a later time – simply ask for the receipt to be printed twice (once for you and once for the management of the restaurant), note down your complete name and membership number on it if possible and sign it so that the restaurant can record your point at a later time. In addition, it's possible for you to log into the self-service section of your member area on the website and do this yourself. For this you will need your receipt. If you have any further questions, please contact PEOPLE Support. 

  • 10. Is the membership or the QR code transferable?

    No, a membership can only be used by one person.